Did Morse Code Originate in Worthing?

 Here in Worthing I have been wondering IF the great man himself, ever visited here. I believe that it has been said somewhere that he came up with a version of the Morse code whilst on a trip across the Atlantic…. But was that trip preceded by visit to the Worthing, or more appropriately High Salvington, area?

Why do I ask this question…….Pigeons!!!!

Pigeons seem to drive most people mad and this Crusty G3 is one of them, but for an entirely different reason. When three  or sometimes four of these birds start cooing I keep getting letters and a number come into the few remaining brain cells I have left that are working. Firstly “coo coo co coo” then a favourite “ co coo co” another “ coo coo co co co”. For those who are not familiar “Q” “R” and “7” . Not so frequently, another call, possibly from another bird is “co coo coo co coo” . This must be from a pigeon that has flown across the Channel, as if my memory serves me correctly is an accented ‘A’ !

So putting this lot together … What are the pigeons trying to tell me?


So they must nest in tree number 7… where's my gun!

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