G3CCX Gratwick house care home event

On Sunday the 19th of August 2016 the club put on a portable HF station for Mr Peter Craw, call sign G3CCX. Peter had to leave his original home QTH in Rustington back in February 2016 after a 3 month stay in hospital following health complications. He now resides in the Gratwick House care home in Littlehampton West Sussex.

After many visits from club member Mark (M0TVV), Peter often expressed his keenness to get back on HF. Mark discussed with Gratwick House's manager Lorraine, the possibility of the club putting up an antenna in the home's garden for an afternoon's operating. Lorraine was very pleased and supportive of the idea as was Peter. 

Mark contacted the GB2RS news team via email and had a small announcement made on the Sunday news of the club's plans for the afternoon of that day. Martin (G7RQD) made up a vertical fishing pole antenna to cover 40 meters and Nigel (G3YSW) made up a set of ground radials for it. 

On the day only Mark was available to attend the event. However, setting up the equipment was a very simple and quick task and Peter was soon set up and ready to operate in the garden. Mark led the operating and Peter decided only to speak to stations once a solid contact had been made. These contacts included UK stations M6XXD Paul in Sherewsbury, G6INU Doug in Sidcup, GB0FFP operated by Ron in Peterborough for museums on the air and a special event call GB2CRC operated by a lovely chap called Derek. Peter also worked local stations in the East Preston, Ferring and Durrington area including Ed M0MNG (well known to Peter), and club members Paul G3SXE, Martin G7RQD, G8ZNK Graham and Mike G0JXX. Stations worked outside the UK included, DO8YX, Mike in Germany and DL4CQ Adem also located in Germany.

All these contacts were made on the 40 meter band using 100 watts from Mark's Kenwood TS-570D. After 3 and a half hours of listening and operating Peter began to grow tired but was very was keen to keep going as long as possible. However, by 16.45 the weather had closed in and was threatening rain so Peter was returned to the comfort of his room and all equipment was quickly and easily packed away in the car ready for another day. Peter was utterly elated with the day and it came as a wonderful surprise for him as he had forgotten the event was planned.

Peter wishes to that all that helped make this special day happen for him, and Mark would like to thank Gratwick House's wonderful and very supportive care staff, and very understanding manager Lorraine for their enthusiastic support and for the perfect care they provide for Peter every day.

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