Broadwater Carnival Special Event Station

Broadwater Carnival 2014Magnificent effort from Club Members who came especially to get us set up and running before 10:30.



Weather was damp to start with, but cleared up by 10:00.

With the antenna up, and generator fired up, we worked over 90 stations.
We were given some excellent signal reports, and being one of the strongest signals on the band, held on to 7.141 MHz all day.
We worked GB3RS at Bletchley Park, and later in the afternoon were working French and German stations.
The station was operated almost continually between 09:45 and 15:00 UTC.

Mark made a few local contacts on 2m as well.

It just proves the point that 100W, and an antenna that is up and in the clear can work (despite being a G5RV).

With a few eyeball contacts thrown in, and a possible of at least 1 new member, and a few trainees, it was all worth the effort.
Thanks go to Claire for bringing the home made cakes down as well.

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