RSGB 21/28MHz Contest 2012

The RSGB 21/28MHz contest has become something of a club tradition. This year Mike, G0JXX, offered to run the station from his home at High Salvington.

Saturday was spent building antennas and erecting masts in Mike's not-overly-large garden. The fun to be had getting the 36’ mast up with a soggy garden had to be seen to be believed but the ‘team’ worked well together, thanks guys.


The antennas were delta loops which seemed to work extremely well. They proved to be quite directional, and were rotated by the well-known "Armstrong method", the position being held thanks to ballast provided by Mike's heavy cast-iron garden furniture!

After an enjoyable evening celebrating the successful erection of the antennas with aglass of wine (or two!) Mike was thrilled to be up bright & early for the start of the contest with Peter, M0PCR, taking the early shift at 8am.

Peter. M0PCR, taking the early shift

A number of club members turned up throughout the day to operate for a while as family committments would allow. The fairly ad-hoc system seemed to work well and Mike's house was easy to find, mostly due to the antennas being visible from several miles away and presenting a hazard to low-flying seagulls!


In all, the team made 45 QSOs split fairly evenly between the two bands. A total of 27 multipliers were earned, giving a claimed score of 3645 points. Propagation was quite favourable and the antennas certainly seemed to work well. A fair selection of DX was worked, including Guadaloupe, St Helena, India, South Africa and Brazil.

Peter, G4HNU

A big thanks to all the club members that came up to the wilds of High Salvington.

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