About Us

Worthing Radio Events Group is an active amateur radio club based in the Worthing area.  The main aim of the group is to provide publicity for Amateur Radio through having fun using radio, making aerials and involving younger people in the hobby. The club was formed in 2001 by Nigel G3YSW, Chris, Peter G4HNU, and Martin G7RQD, and as of February 2011 the group membership stood at 16 members from varying backgrounds and ages from 20 to 70+. The club is affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain.

The club meets once a month to discuss upcoming events and for a general chat, and also has a regular net on 2m.  We hold various events throughout the year, which include radio and non radio days (family events). The group has access to a large field, giving us a working base with enough room to build and erect various antennas with which we have entered contests and field days, and plenty of room for our annual barbecue!

In recent years we have entered HF competitions both portable and from member’s houses and VHF/UHF events from various locations on the South Downs.  The club also participates regularly in Jamboree on the Air, often running two stations over the course of the weekend for two different groups. Some of the members have also taken part in Science Week, setting up 4 exhibition stations during 4 days at various local schools, along with lectures and hands on exhibits such as Morse Code and Short Wave receiving. We are working with Cub Scout and Scout troops in the area to help them achieve their Communications Badge.

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